Being Alone

Being alone means to be strong, it means that you have to fight a battle only capable of being won by you. Being alone includes countless thinking and strategizing on how you can gain a victory of achieving on your own. Being alone is one of the hardest things you can face, it is apart of growing up. No one to push you further, no one to make you happy, no one to love. We all face it, we just need to take it and reform it into something we can work with to our advantage. Being alone means use the other battles of you being alone and put it towards the next war, it is your experience and no one can take that from you. Your a human being, we were meant to adapt. Being alone means being at rock bottom feeling like no one or anyone in this world loves you. Being alone is feeling like you have so much to give with no one to give it to. Being alone means being up at 3 o’clock in the morning wondering why your are on this planet. Being alone is asking yourself, what went wrong? Or why do I always do this? Being alone means asking whatever higher being “Why won’t you respond, what did I do to deserve this?” Being alone means to cry. Being alone means to be blank and feel like you want to die. Being alone is something people don’t want. But being alone will help you become the person you are today. Not your past relationships, not a recent loss, and your emotions, but being alone is what changed you. And if being alone means to break off any distractions then i’ll be there to do it too.